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Laser machine processed on wooden materials

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 Wooden engraving is usually used in die-boards, wood models, wood joint boards, engraving clothes rack, wood photo frame, and others.Wood plates are classified into plywood, solid wood, MDF and the plywood is the widest application. Usually, plywood includes three specifications: 3mm, 5mm and 7mm. all these materials can be cut.The normal speed to breakdown 3mm plywood is 1.2 meters per minute and some solid wood can be cut to 10mm。Details are determined by actual situation. 63.5mm focusing lens is better for cutting of 6mm die-board and the speed is 0.2-0.4 meter per minute, the optical density 75-80%.Addition with strong air pump or air compressor, the effect will be better. Usually, the thickness of wood model is below 3mm and the speed is 0.5-1.2 meters per minute. Wood joint boards are usually cut with double focus mirrors and choice of RF laser diode is advised for customers of high requirements for its exquisite beam spot and incision。Small area engraver is advised for clothes rack engraving. The speed is determined by the size of the wood plate to be engraved and the effect to be achieved. For dark engraving effect, defocus engraving can be employed. The power of the air pump will influence the degree of burning.utting and engraving of hot production drilling template: hot production drilling template are various and the common materials include: hot drilling paper, Engraving (density board) or acrylics。50mm focusing lens is usually adopted for cutting of hot production drilling template.Turn on the air blow machine and exhaust fan to absorb the template evenly on the honeycomb and there is no specific requirements to the cutting parameters and processing technologies.Since the graphics at the cutting position is not too big, the speed is usually 0.5-3.5 meters per minute and the optical density 18-40。Enhance the air blow as much as possible to decrease the color change of the incision。The speed of engraving hot production drilling template is 10 meters per minute and the optical density is 35%, resolution over 600 dpi. The actual parameters should be determined by the size of the hot drill. The bigger the drill, the greater the thickness and the deeper the engraving are

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