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Application of laser on dentistry

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 Application of laser on dentistry

With the super technology and rich experiences, the laser welding machine becomes an advanced technology in dentistry. It adopts the point welding, comparing with the traditional fire welding. It is more accuracy, easy operation, non-pollution, environmental friendly and non-contact welding, so it is widely applied in over the world. 
 It is mainly applied in the making of denture, repair and revise of Ti metal tooth, tooth fixing, cleaning of tooth surface and so on. The point welding has features as small deforming but deep. The minimum welding point can be control in 0.1mm. The heat is relatively focused, which is deduced the damage to the other tooth, so the welding effect can keep longer, with better welding effect, smooth welding surface, and non-erosion. The point welding can fully meet the requirements in the dentistry. 
    Dental laser welding machine places a very important role in the repairing work, which provides a very strong protection to the repairing, so it is the most popular machines in dentistry area all over the world.
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