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Application of Laser Equipments in the Clothing Industry

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Application of Laser Equipments in the Clothing Industry

Laser processing equipment is becoming more and more popular in leather, textile and garment industries with great advantage of accuracy, efficient, simple and of high degree of automation. In accordance with different processing methods, we make the following introduction:
Laser cutting:
Laser cutting process, can get high precision because it would not deform or fold the fabric. With the artwork, it can change to any shape, can shown designers’ randomness and creativity. In addition, the laser cutting can cut any kind of fabric, because the clothing will instantly melt and solidify. The lubrication tool of laser cutting machine will automatically smooth the edge, instead of die cutting or hot cutting of metal knife blade. Traditional technology die cutting or hot cutting, incision may easily out of trace, becoming yellow and hard, while laser cutting slot is small, accurate and can automatically merge together, so laser cutting machine is the upgrade and update products of die cutter and hot cutter.
Laser engraving:
Laser engraving machine is laser engraving device cooperate with laser software, engraving artwork automatically as soon as the pattern input. Laser processing is currently the most mature and most widely used technology. The complex graphics can be carved, such as openwork carving and the blind slot carving. Thus it can carve out different shades, different texture, color transition with layering and a variety of magical effects design. laser engraving machine has features as high automation level, precision, fast, and easy and convenient operation as well. Laser engraving process is going to meet international new trend of clothing.
Laser marking:
Laser marking is high precision, fast and clear marking. It can flat, arc, and flying mark all text, symbols, patterns on the hard, soft or brittle products. As laser cutting& engraving machines, laser marking also has many advantages. Laser marking has the never-worn security features, which it can be specially applied to print the standards of clothing, leather, metal and complicated logo. Laser making technology is the best choice for brand clothing & luxuries. 
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