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Laser equipment perfectly used in the packaging field

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Laser equipment perfectly used in the packaging field
laser cutting machine in packaging has some new characteristics, which cannot be achieved by traditional way (such as by knives and other mechanical methods). Laser beam is designed to be extraordinary sharp to avoid the quality problem of uneven tangent in traditional process. The tangent by laser cutting can guarantee the uniformity both in depth and width, as a result, packing products’ quality can be guaranteed, in the meanwhile, each packing products’ intensity and shielding can be ensured.
After controlling software installed in the laser cutting machine, users can change the groove depth through software parameters adjustment, in order to match different types of packaging materials. Then, much time and cost on purchasing the knives, dies and drillers can be saved, it make higher work efficiency. Laser equipment can not only operate as independent equipment, but also be integrated into the existing lines. Its usage is very flexible.
Currently, the breakthroughs in laser and CNC technologies making the laser cutting machines are widely applied in the packaging design industry. In addition to the laser grooving, it also can be used for cutting, punching, and mingling. Laser cutter can also works in all directions, and that it can cut out the complex and irregular shapes at a high speed. 
    Simply modify the parameters of the program, you can control the laser to change the shape of packaging or simply adjust the size. Complex shape and hole needs can easily generated without distort the beam, or lost the exact location of other features. The operation of Laser machine is using natural force to process fragile and thin materials. Sharpness of the laser help it easily processing materials which may bring a number of cutting problems by using traditional methods, such as the materials of frictional and viscous in one side.
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