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CO2 laser cutting machine- cutting clothing

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CO2 laser cutting machine- cutting clothing

Textile industry is a traditional but a large industry, combining the high-tech and tradition, is a very important way to improve the technical level of this industry. By dyeing and printing process, the garment material can achieve good dressing and esthetic effects.
CO2 laser cutting machine can be used for further decorating the clothing, by printing art photos on the clothing, this photos including characteristics, numbers, slides, Logo, photos. It also can get monkey wash, baffi, broken, wearing off effects. Most of products in European, Japan, Korea, and HK market had adopted laser technology to get the fashion effects.
        Using the laser cutting machine to cut the clothing, the working principle is using computer to design, type setting and making it into PTL or BMP documents, then carried out by CO2 laser cutting. The CO2 laser beam will follow the computer control to carry out the seted targets. 
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