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Laser technology may replacing paint to paint the metal

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Laser technology may replacing paint to paint the metal
Colorfully paint brings beautiful color to our daily life, but the large quantity of volatile chemical solution from dye is also harmful to the living environment. Nowadays, a new laser technology had brought a new revolution to the metal dying work. From jewelry, house wares to military camouflage, even the optical filter for telescopes, this technology has widely application. Meantime, it will deduce the usage quantity of environmental polluted dye and other painting.
Another function of laser is it can change the optical feature of materials, and the strong laser beam can change the color of materials without any dye or painting. But at the meantime of coloring, laser will damage the material because of high temperature.
    Researchers in American Rochester University try to develop a painting technology without damaging materials. Scientists used time duration of only 1 quadrillion laser pulse to smelt a very small metal, after solid zed, this metal can reflex different light wavelength. The scientists found out that via micro-adjusting the output power and changing the strength of light beam, quantity of laser pulse and treating time, laser can change the color many metal samples. E.g., through this technology, researchers can change a small Al plate into golden, then to be black.
This technology directly changed the color of metal, which informed that paint is not the indispensable material. Meantime, the laser treated surface is more wear resisting, tearing resistance, especially under high temperature condition, the treated surface is more wear resisting than the dyed surface.
    This is a new developed technology, the processing speed is relatively slow and high energy requirement, therefore it needed at least several years to put into commercial application. The further study is to improve the speed and increase the energy consumption.


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