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why you choose Laser Marking Machine

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8 Reasons for Using Laser Marking Machine
The application area of laser marking technology in printing industry is wider and wider in recent years. The laser marking can be used in different materials such as plastic, rubber, metal, silicon chip and so on. Comparing with the traditional mechanical engraving, chemical etching, screen printing, and ink printing method, the laser marking has outstanding advantages of low cost, high flexibility, computer controllable and permanent marking effects. At present, laser marking had occupied more than 90% of the market. The reasons for the high market occupation of laser marking are as the following ten aspects:  
1. Permanency
The marking will not disappear because of environment aspects (such as touching, acid/ alkaline air, and high/low temperature)
2. Anti-counterfeiting
The laser marking is not so easy to be copied and changed, so the anti-counterfeiting ability is very strong at a certain level.
The laser marking adopts non-mechanical processing method by “light knife”, which is suitable for any kinds of regular or irregular surfaces without causing any internal stress effects on the materials, so that the accuracy of the material can be kept. The working area will not be etched, no “cutter” wearing and innocuous
4. Wide adaptability
As the processing method, Laser can be used on different kinds of metal or non-metal materials (Al, Cu, Fe, wood and etc.)
5. High engraving accuracy  
 1.The photos engraved by Laser Marking Machine is sophisticated, with minimum line width 0.04mm. The marks are very clear, permanent, and beautiful. The laser marking can fulfill the needs of printing large data on only very small plastic materials. For example, it can engrave the two-dimensional code with higher accuracy and clearance. The competitiveness in the market is stronger than the pressing or injecting marking. 
6. Low operating cost
   High marking speed with one-step molding and low energy consumption results in the low operating costs. Even the investment on laser marking is higher than the traditional equipments, but on the point of view of operating cost, the laser marking costs much lower. Following is some examples:
Marking on plastic enveloped triode: the output speed of the marking machine is 10 pieces /second, and if we calculate the depreciation of the equipment at 5 years, the operating cost on the laser marking is only RMB0.00048/piece. If adopting pad printer, its synthetically operating cost is about RMB 0.002/piece or even higher. 
Marking on the bearing surface:
 E.g., marking 18 characters with 4 point font in three lines on one bearing, if we adopt galvanometer Laser Marking Machine, calculating the working life of Kr light pipe at 700 hours, the synthetically operating cost is about RMB 0.00915/bearing. And the synthetically operating cost of electrical etching is about RMB 0.015/bearing. Calculating the annual marking works at 4000 thousand pieces, there will be about RMB 6500 thousand/year saved only from the cost of marking.
7. High efficiency 
    The computer controlled laser beam can be moved in high speed (5-7 meter/second), so the marks can be fulfilled in only several seconds.
8. Fast design-changing ability
Because the combination of laser and computer technologies, user can conveniently changes the target design only by computer programming, which is totally replaced the traditional mold making method. Laser marking is a kind of convenient tool not only can short the cycle of upgrading and updating but also can make your production more flexible.
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