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The laser marking machine in medical application

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 The Laser Marking Machine in medical application

The development of medical Laser Marking Machine means a big problem in domestic medical industry had overcame, which is a great technological breakthrough in both medical and laser technological industries.
Because of the increasingly complicated structure of drugs, the requirements on the security of tablets and capsules are also emerging. For the food safety of the medical, the traditional ink jet printer is gradually eliminated. Comparing with traditional processing method, the medical Laser Marking Machine had advantages of non- material consumption, innocuous and non-pollution. It not only helps enlarge the output of the production and save the costs, but also increases the security of the drugs.
The work principle of the medical marking: firstly transporting the drugs into the conveyer belt by disc feeder, and locating the marking position by a certain device in the machine, then the marking system stimulated and the marking is fulfilled. 
In all, the laser technology plays a very important role in the medical area, accompanying with the maturity of laser technology, and eliminating the harmful ink jet technology, not only the production flexibility of metical manufacturer is greatly improved, but also the contribution to the counterfeiting of the drug is outstanding.
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