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Advantages of Application of Laser Marking Machine

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Advantages of Application of Laser Marking Machine

As a new kind of machining equipment, laser marking machine had achieved the marking work on different kinds of materials for marks, Logos and photos. Regarding to the different processing materials, we identifies the laser marking equipment into two difference type: laser marking machine for metal and non-metal. Metal laser marking machine is suitable for the processing of metals and alloys, such as Au, Ag, Cu, Fe, Al and its alloys. And Non-metal laser marking machines is suitable for the processing of non-metal materials, such as wood, paper and acrylic glass, ABS plastic and so on. Some of the products can use both kinds of Laser Marking Machine, but different working effect will be achieved.
Non-metal laser marking machine usually adopts CO2 laser tube so it is usually called Co2 laser marking machine. Metal laser marking machine is usually called semi-conductor Laser Marking Machine. Artworldcn Enterprise Ltd will customize the products on different outline figure, suitable frock clamps and software system to fulfill a whole set of customer needed marking system.
Comparing to the traditional marking methods as pneumatic marking machine, electrical erosion marking machine, screen ink jet printer, mechanical engraving, and the laser marking owns a lot of advantages:
1.The Laser machines adopts laser as machining tools, without any mechanical contact, there will be no mechanical pressure created therefore, it is especially suitable for the high requirement applications such as for materials with: high hardness(as hard alloys), high brittleness(as solar silicon wafer),high melting point, and high precision (as high precision bearings).
2.With its high energy density laser for machining, the processing of material had advantages of fast processing speed, small heat affecting area, small deforming area, small heat pressure which will not affect the internal properties of processing materials. So the processing method is highly suitable to the properties of processing materials. 
3.The working principal of laser machining is directly etching on the products, so that the work effect is permanently, irremovable and non-deformable. It is suitable for the anti-counterfeiting of products to protect the truthfulness and controllability of products.
4. The laser processing system is controlled by the computer, and combining with the software, the equipment can automatically print the skip number, random code, two-dimensional code, production date and other needed information to fulfill the uniqueness and mass production of the products. It is suitable for the processing of personalized products and especially the advantage on the small quantity but several batches production is more obviously.
     5.While using the Laser Marking Machine to process the crafts and gifts, the Logo marked is more exquisite and beautiful, and the level of products is obviously improved. The increasing of additive value of products guarantees the value and profits of products.
6. The width of laser rays is in micron so it is suitable for the processing of high precision parts and spare parts, such as the parts for the automobile and microscope.
7.Laser Marking Machine is a kind of low consumption, high efficiency, green and environment friendly products which meets international environmental protection requirements and the products regulation. 
8.Only one investment is needed to purchase one set of Laser Marking Machines to get the continuously output. The processing cost on the products is decreased and profit is increased by using laser processing to the large quantity processing.
9. The processing method of laser machining is flexible, which can adjust the marking result by modifying the system of the machine. 
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