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General knowledge of laser marking machine

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 General knowledge of Laser Marking Machine

Krypton lamp of Laser Marking Machine should be replaced after a certain time service. Then how to operate? The introductions made by our expert are as follows,
To switch off water-cooling machine and laser power, open the upper three cavity covers and take out former lamp or crystal, and close the cover after new replacement. Switch on the water-cooling machine and laser power supply, and adjust the laser power current to about (15~20)A, then place a small spile or black paper between front diaphragm and beam extender, as stated by the expert of laser carving machine, laser ablative facula is visible. On the contrary, we may adjust the three buttons of front diaphragm bracket little by little till facula is visible. Then repeatedly adjust the three buttons till the facula is forte fortissimo, suppose it is unable to observe because of forte fortissimo laser and high light, please reduce the current. Last, please switch off laser power.
    Please pay attention to the working life of krypton lamp. Since the description of krypton lamp is 300 hours, but as for different working conditions from users, the stated time is not so definite. It is learned from the professional maker that with service time goes by, luminous efficiency of krypton lamp decreased, laser output also decayed. In order to get sufficient laser, users often increase the current to intensify the light, while which will fasten the aging of krypton lamp that may result in light bombed. In order to avoid the above occurrence, professional maker suggest replace krypton lamp according to the following method. When replacing a new krypton lamp, user should make a record of the laser power current value as standard while marking. With it aging, increase laser power output to but no less than 1.25 times of the standard value . For example, current value for marking with a new krypton lamp is 20A, after working for some time, krypton lamp should be replaced on the condition that laser marking cannot proceed at the increased current value of  22.5A.
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