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The Laser Marking Machine which is Suitable for Egg Marking

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The Laser Marking Machine which is Suitable for Egg Marking

It is more and more frequently we can find the date of production on the eggs when we shopping in the supermarket. What’s kind of machine can achieve this marking? Ink jet printing? Of course, it can not be! The egg will not be healthy if there is ink on. This marking is achieved by CO2 RF-Laser Marking Machine
    This type of equipment is suitable for various kinds of non-metal and live animals. The marking content can be customized, as customized photos, company logo, net number, serial number, supervising unit and so on. It can help avoiding the disorderly competition of fakes, and also can improve the additive value of products.
Features of equipment
Adopting CO2 amorphous laser, from light line to a light point, it is a kindly of general type. The optical system can freely translational and elevator shafting moving. 
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