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The Types and Selection of Laser Marking Machin

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 The Types and Selection of Laser Marking Machine

Generally, Laser Marking Machines, according to the feature of different wave-length laser owns different absorption ability; it can be divided into two types. One is YAG laser machine, which is suitable for metal and most nonmetal materials, like iron, copper, aluminum, gold, silver and their various alloys, and ABS materials, printing ink coating, epoxy resin, etc. Another type is C02 Laser machine, which can only process nonmetal materials, e.g. wood, paper, acrylics, and glass, etc. Some materials can be processed by both two types of Laser Marking Machine, but the effect of marking is different.
YAG marking machine includes light pumping, semiconductor and fiber optic, three types. C02 marking machine includes frequency tube and glass tube. These five types of products composite the standard types of laser marking machine. According to actual demands for different users, assembling with different external structure, tooling and customized software system to provide a whole set of Laser Marking Machine.
Compared with the traditional marking methods as pneumatic, electrical etching, silk-screen, ink jet printing, mechanical engraving, etc, laser marking has following advantages:
1. Laser processing is a kind of ray touch instead of mechanical touch without any mechanical stress. So it is suitable for processing of materials with high hardness (e.g. hard alloy), high brittleness (e.g. solar energy silicon wafer), high-melting-point and high precision (e.g. precision bearing).
2.  Laser processing will not affect the interior electric property because of its great energy density, short time, small heat affected zone and heat stress. It is suitable for precise processing of some special materials, especially cold processing of 532μm,355μm and 266μm laser.
3. Direct laser firing etching is adequate for counterfeiting and anti-channel conflict. It can realize the products traceability since of its permanent marking, non-erasable, valid, non-variant and peeling off.
    4. Laser processing system is a kind of computer system, with the convenient function of arrangement, modification, number skipping and random code function, which can meet the demands of sole code of the products. It is suitable for customized processing, especially for these processing with small quantity in several batches.
5. The exquisite effect of marking, artistic handicraft and high precision can improve the level and its additional value.
6. The line minimum width is 10μm, and the depth can be less than 10μm, which can mark on the surface of “millimeter level” size of components.
7. Less material consumption, pollution-free, energy conservation and environmental protection, it is in line with European environmental protection and pharmaceuticals industry GMP requirements.
8. Low processing cost: since purchasing investment of the machine is really expensive, but continuous and large amount of processing it brought will low down the cost of every components processing.
9. Flexible processing model: It can process interior work piece through transparent medium, easily steering, focusing and direction transformable and it is easily matched with numerical control system..
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