A stands for art and martial arts,which calls for carefulness and delicacy to express things. Kung Fu is the art of building our body in China. Art expresses our excelsior production process and the quality of tempering our products with heart. 

W stands for world. The world is yours, as well as ours. We live on earth, living between heaven and earth. 

Artworld stands for a world of art and a world of Kung Fu. In the material world, we provide high quality products and excellent service heartedly. 

Artworldcn stands for both China’s and the world’s art, pushing our Chinese outstanding products and services to the world. 

Blue symbolizes firmness, solemn and sublimity. We manufacture products with responsibility; we treat our customers with sincerity; we operate our business with loyalty. 

White symbolizes advance and technology, expressing our attitude of dealing with affairs and behaving ourselves: respect, purity, peace, humility, simpleness, and preciseness.


 Product LOGO:

Undersurface large round, stands for the Earth, is the implication of Chinese traditional culture of "land. "

Middle meniscus circle, is the image of the sun and the moon, which stands for the universe, is the implication of Chinese traditional culture: "sky "

Blue, solemn, peaceful and precision. A symbol of high-tech commercial art;

Silver while, stability, humility, simplicity. A symbol of high-tech service to humanity;

Hanz is a strong and excellent nation in China even the world, it’s an attitude of artworldcns’ people doing things : We manufacture products with responsibility, treat our customers with sincere attitude and operate the enterprise with a pious mind.

Trademark logo symbolizes the whole world, world peaceful reunification and harmonious. It’s an expression of a solid reliable product quality and meets the standard sophisticated technology, manufacturing processes and results comply with natural laws, meets safety requirements of environment. 

 160This logo of “Hanz”“hanshi”“汉氏” words and its shape belongs to and registered by artworldcn enterprise ltd for identification of product, usage of the trademark shall be authorized by the company.




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