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Enterprise Culture of Artworldcn 

The general introduction of the enterprise culture of Artworldcn
In the long time working period, staff of Artworldcn had created, developed, innovated and perfected a unique Artworldcn culture.
We create the competition, which is nervous and energetic, and we make our effect and enjoy it, because we all believe that a penny saved is a penny earned. It is culture which both pay attention to the process and results.

Outline of the enterprise culture of Artworldcn
1.Philosophy of management(Trend and Profit)
Follow the guide of trend to make profit and value, for the benefit of staff, for the development the enterprise, for distribution to the society.
2.Value concept (One Heart)
Do the best no many under what kinds of condition.
3.System of enterprise (two systems)

The system should be designed scientifically and humanized, and should be executed thoroughly. 
4.Organization of enterprise (three strictness)
The organization should be strict; the administration should be strict; the administration on the organization should be strict.
5.Team spirits 
Open, fair, just, mutual reliance, mutual cooperation, and mutual share. 
6.Enterprise image (three representation)
The product and service represent the image of human; the image of human represents the image of enterprise; the image of enterprise represents the image of society.
7.Corporate Ethics(three do-not)
Do not against will; do not against virtue, do not against the regulation of human beings and nature
8.Enterprise spirits(three continue)
Continue to process, to develop, to aspiring

 The Culture of Artworldcn is fulfilled at three aspects: work +person +organization administration. These three aspects are in the condition of reciprocal causation. Work means job and career. Person means staff and team. Organization administration means the regular team actions when the work and person acted. Administration is a kind of instruction to supervise and lead the developing direction, process, results of the work and team members.



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