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Partners of Artworldcn Enterprise ltd 

Artworldcns’ development process cannot be apart from circles in the society and enterprise unit support and help. Strategic cooperation partners of artworldcn science and technology limited company are as follows:

Shenzhen ZG investment limited company

Shenzhen ZG investment Co., LTD. is a new started enterprise which is engaged in using investment rules to help and guide enterprises or institutions to using new technology and norm to improve and influence people's life and work. With the value of innovation technology means, advanced business philosophy to define a new work life, look forward for the future.

ZG investment comprehensive combine direct financing and indirect financing which has make the perfect connection of financing enterprise and investment institutions and shorten the choose time for both parties, it has become a financing solution for large and medium-sized enterprise and unit because of its low financing cost. And the financing company can get the capital very quickly, ZG always hold "increase the success rate" as its service tenet, in the foundation of strict censorship, comprehensively assist both sides successfully complete contact, negotiation, reach an agreement, and a series of work. Its service destination is to help enterprise and the unit to overcome the financial matter and get the money they want in a short time. 

Main business of ZG investment limited company:
1, investment consulting, equity investment, asset management;
2, investment management and financial services including: securities, futures and foreign exchange investment operation; Family financial investment package;
3, laser products, intelligent hi-tech product research and development, sales and import and export trade, etc.
Shenzhen ZG investment Co., LTD is artworldcns’ import and export cooperation unit and investment consultant in mainland China.


Shenzhen Zhanpeng international logistics Co., LTD

Shenzhen Zhanpeng international logistics Co, LTD is a comprehensive logistics enterprise which is a set of international and domestic logistics in Shenzhen. It can provide international sea, land and air; International express, domestic land, sea and air; Hong Kong imports and exports and all-round service for customers both at home and abroad.    
As for shipping, we have a long and friendly cooperation relationship with many ship-owners in the world, we have advantages in Europe, the Middle East India-Pakistan, southeast Asia, Australia, west Africa routes, provide coordinated services including booking, trailers, warehousing, customs declaration, card application, buy insurance.
As for airfreight, they have advantage in Europe and America, Middle East, Southeast Asia which is provide freight collect and door to door services. Even provide double custom clearance service for parts of the cities.As for international express delivery, express ways including DHL, EMS, UPS and FEDEX, TNT, special line and so on, to solve all the kinds of problem in delivery process for customers.
Honesty is the foundation of our service, professional is the guarantee of our service. The zhanpeng freight sincerely hopes that domestic and foreign customers should hold hand in hand and work together to create a new peak of its business.

Xueman mechanical and electrical technology Co., LTD is specialized in R&D, manufacturing and sale servo products. It is a high-tech enterprise which has the most advanced technology and production equipment. The company take quality as the life of enterprise, insist on innovation which has made the enterprise developed rapidly; Based on CAN, xuemans’ all closed servo technology is in the leading position in China; Efficient marketing team has increased product domestic market share steadily.
Xuemans’ servo products are widely applied to numerical control processing, machinery manufacturing, food processing, material conveying equipment, medical equipment, etc.
Production base of Xueman technology is located in of Nanjing JiangNing economic &technological development zone which has a very beautiful environment and the transportation is convenient. From purchasing parts to product production, operation test, qualified leave factory, the company all strictly has implemented national related quality standards.
Xueman can provide perfect services for domestic customers through nationwide selling network and services: from early test, product installation, training operation personnel for factory, to regular tracking the usage situations of the customers. Because of our requirements of delicate quality and perfect service, xueman has become our first choice for domestic servo service.

Shanghai Miura laser Co., LTD
Mainly engaged in production of laser tube and laser power supply and provide professional quality CO2 laser tube to the customer.

TEYU ELECTROMECHANICAL CO, LTD. has been specialized in professional design and produce of cooling machine, chiller and oil cooler for many years. Products are massively used in clothing, shoe-making, advertising, printing, marking, die, glasses, chemicals, toys, and many other industries. Artworldcn products are mainly exported to the United States, Canada, Brazil, France, Italy, Germany, Ukraine, Russia, South Africa, Dubai, Israel, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, South Korea, Taiwan, and other countries and regions. Provide corollary equipment and technical support for more than 300 domestic and foreign manufacturers in long-term.

Wuhan Raytheon laser research unit
Mainly engaged in research the latest laser technology and application and help artworldcn enterprise design and develop new products

Thanks to those units and enterprises and their employees for their sincere cooperation in the process of our enterprise development.



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