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Corporate Vision

The corporate vision of Artworldcn: 

Where there is a laser, there is a Hanz laser. Service the human better with laser technology

Core value of Artworldcn:

To obtain the high reliability of customer by good quality and service.New innovation, better service, larger returning


Mission of Artworldcn:

To meet the needs of customer, to create the value for customer
To support the development of staff, to create the opportunities for staff
To bring the benefit to society, to return the support of society 

Envisioned Future:
1.Development direction: to be the operator of the laser market, the leader of laser technology, the integrator of resources. 
2.Target: Company will go public in 5 to 8 year, so the living of staff can be promoted. 
3.Aims: Regulating the resources by more fund, more advanced technology, more outstanding person, and to service the human better with laser technology

Company Purpose:
Promoting the social work flow and optimizing the industrial structure by continuously developing technology
The corporation and brand value of Artworldcn:
Produce better products to serve the customer and society

Spirit of Artworldcn:

To achieve a worthy and meaningful career with common value, concept and mission, and it is the driving force of our continuously striving

Basic ideas of Artworldcn:
Brand idea: Better products + better service=a brand
Quality idea: Excellent product is the crystallization of people and technology
Marketing idea: close to the needs of customer is the centre of marketing 
Marketing idea: needs of market is the developing direction of our career.
After-sales idea: Customer is not always right, but to provide better service is absolutely right!
Innovation idea: create new products, create new market
Service idea of functional work: customers’ satisfactory is the standard of our work
Operation principle: Artworldcn will continuously promoting the quality of products, optimizing the service to meet the needs of customer, company and society.


Corporate Vision
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