Enterprise Objective:Establishment of  "ART" World Brand
Quality Policy: Top Quality, All Employee Involvement,Customer Satisfaction,and Continuous Improvement
Business Concept :People oriented,Sincere Cooperation,Legal Business Operation,and Standardiaed Management
Team Spirit :Devotion, Practice,Union,and Development.

Enterprise Management Department

       Benjamin Lee

    Mr. Lee is CEO of Artworldcn Enterprise Technology Co., Ltd. As one of the company founders, he is in charge of the company's strategic planning, the business process, organizational management and operational services.
Lee is found of experiencing adventures and exploring the unknown. With good team experience, he specializes in investment research and consulting, strategic planning, organizational management, business operations, public relations, marketing, planning and business survey work. Communication and negotiation are his merits. He has a unique perspective of analyzing, observing and thinking about a matter.
Lee is a studious person, interested in reading and studying, and curious about everything. Determined to live to learn, he declares himself as a learning-orientated person. Setting himself a goal without an end, Lee has made learning part of his life. Continuous learning is a lifelong task. His study involves in many aspects, ranging from law, history, science, literature, humanities, and geography to market economy, business management, and financial management.A good insight, a wide range of reading and research, and distinctive observation and analysis make him equipped with unique ideas in many ways. Lee is forward-looking about the development of macroscopic objects. In his enterprise, he is devoted to the pursuit of success and excellence. He is always setting high standards for himself and can always achieve goal. His attachment makes him very proud of himself.
Lee graduated from a university in China, where there are many sub-universities. At school, he majored in foreign trading English. He actively participated in the management of the students union, where he was once chairman. Later, in order to go for a further study, he was educated in Wuhan University for the major of Law.
Lee has plenty working experience. He engaged in from fast moving consumer goods industry, communication industry, and mineral resources industry to the Internet industry. At the beginning, he was a salesman but later a sales director, a business manager, a business director, and finally a general manager. He has been starting his own business from mining investment and securities investments to automotive electronics, during which he did a lot of attempts. Although many attempts were not successful, they gained him very rich experience for work, career and life.
Lee once worked for China Union, during which period he made the main business pass through a package of solutions. In Ling village of Wuhan Iron and Steel Group, he completed a sample project, which made a successful attempt for the company’s business expand. This project was well received by the provincial Group’s attention and promotion, which won him a reward. His article, New Business Development Strategy for China Union made him win a second prize in the provincial Group and the first prize in the municipal Group.
Lee is now leading his team to create a well-known and respected enterprise in future.
Lee also serves as the general manager of an investment management company, and president of a mining company. 


   Lisa acts as GM of Artworldcn Enterprise LTD. Her major was public relations, and international financial management. She has more than two years experience of Japanese translation, and two years’ international business operation and management.during 2004-2006 she was a purchase representative of a USA company. In this period she had a good knowledge of a wide range of industry like printing, electronics, machines, metals, medicine. She is responsible for the communication between enterprises and customers and learns to how to save cost and expand business field.With her studying experience, she knows how to solve conflicting matters and lead things to a peaceful situation.she is a staid and mature lady with macroscopic vision.

Chief Financial Officer

Charlie Lee
   Charlie is now the chief financial officer of Artworldcn Enterprise Technology Co., Ltd., as well as the investment adviser, in charge of the company's financial audit, investment advisory work.Mr. Charlie also serves as the charge of a banking institution.

Business Development Department



   George graduated from Huazhong Agricultural University in 2006, his major is social work. Then he became a geography teacher in a rural middle school as a volunteer. George with comprehensive knowledge, hardworking and gentle, he rapidly won great appreciation from his colleagues and students. He has more than 1300 students in 3 years.George has deep love for exploring, concerns society, loves exploring, he is a great young man with huge ideal & hard working. He has perfect performance in all the fields he dabbled.George ended his volunteer life in 2009, and then he threw himself into foreign trade industry, he hopes to win a new success in this new field. At present, George works as foreign trade manager in Artworldcn enterprise ltd., he charges of the business development in Asia & Africa. 


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