•Measurement range : -50°C to 550°C(-58°F to 1022°F) •Accuracy : 0°C~550°C(32°F~1022°F):±1.5°C(2.7°F) or 1.5% , •-50°C~0°C(58°F~32°F):±3°C(±5°F) Whichever is greater •Resolution : 0.1°C or 0.1°F •Distance to spot size : 12:1 •Repeatability : 1% of reading or 1°C far away for check the temperature avoid heating and burning.good for guard.
high pricesion laser distance meter are widely use in many field,like house,factory,brigde.portable type and simply operation.
The he-ne laser power supply module is simple to use for he-ne laser tubes.
This laser tube can be widely used for collimator, guider, recorder, laser interferometer, contamination monitor, teaching demonstration, as well as an ideal light source of laser medical instruments.
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