use for reflect laser beam at 45 degree for beam come to next step
x and y galvo head dynamic mirror use for reflect the beam for working on material
this is use for expand the laser beam
specially use for protect the beam from dynamic head.
1).high speed,single width scanning less than 3S,a second can adopt 100million point,measuring point are regular。 2)when scanning the 3D surface and can output the texture at same time. 3)can be scan the color ,deep color even black goods,after scan mostly can put for engraving without process image. 4)adopt high light LED lighting,long uselife ,less heating,scanning high accuracy and stable quality; 5)use low distortion mirror head,increase accuracy. 6) carbon fiber frame ensure high accuracy 6)jiont automaticly。 7)support overlap automatic selection best date and cutting. 8)adopt stealth aircraft style design ,this equipment more visualimpact,nice,light,durable. 9)with mirror protective cover,prevent equipment damage when accident drop in the ground. 10)portable,can bring to spot site for scanning and measure. 11)can scan big and heavy products any where any time. 12)multiple date interface,output(GPD)、(STL)、(ASC,IGS,WRL) etc date version.diretly exchange date with Gemagic,Image ware,UG,Caita, Pro/E,Rapid Form 3D software.
A water flow switch is used to alarm if there are less water flow or no water flow. strict quality control, and excellent management make sure that our products are highly quality, highly reliable and highly durable. These chillers can be used in laser machine cooling
•Hanzlaser marking software has been designed to meet the needs of all types of users of laser marking systems. The package provides significant advancements over previous laser marking control systems, while remaining extremely user-friendly. It's an object oriented, graphically interactive, PC control system providing a user the ability define and execute laser marking jobs. Multiple hardware interfaces are supported giving the software the ability to control most Nd:YAG and CO2 laser marking system
co2 laser marking machine and board which stable quality ,good effective on operation.
Good position and rotation automatic. It will convenience for the tube and round shape parts marking and welding.
High output High optical-optical conversion efficiency Reliable sealing Long life time Compact Low prices
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