The high power laser welding machine chiller are light weight,it about 20kg. With inside of the air compressor will automatic to adjust and alarm of the temperature which will keep safe of the laser welding machine. Output power:1000w-1500w. Voltage:220v
Laser beam delivery system is the important parts of the laser equipment, it is the delivery work from laser to working materials, including full reflect mirror, focus lenses or combination focus lenses, supplementary gas system and cooling system, sometimes monitoring system too.
Material:Nd:YAG crystals dosage concentration error
The krypton arc lamps is the pumping light source of the solid state laser, it’s luminescent spectrum match with YAG:Nd+3crystal ‘s absorb band,relative light energy utilize is high, it is the important light source of the YAG CW solid state laser pumping source. laser printer etc all use this kind of lamp.
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