HZC-10080:laser cutting machine HZC-10080
laser cutting machine HZC-10080
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PRODUCT NAME:laser cutting machine HZC-10080
Full optical coupling isolation system combined with high speed differential input/output circuit design, long distance signal transmission with not distortion, strong anti-jamming capability, the system can output 12 lines and input 16 lines and easily docking with users production field.


laser type:domestic seal co2 laser tube
70w laser power:70w
processing area:1000x800mm
cooling method water-cooled
automatic cutting computer system,internally installed
cutting energy control,allow fine-tuning
cutting speed control, allow fine-tuning
air nozzle on the tangent, standard configuration
driven system,  step motor
cutting areas: 1000mm*800mm
graving speed: 0-64000(mm/min)
cutting speed: 0-36000(mm/min)
machine size(length*width*height): length 1580mm, width 1210mm, height 1110mm
gross weight: 230kg  net weight: 200kg
power supply: 220v/50-60HZ,10A max
Minimum forming words: Chinese characters 2 x 2mm, letters 1 x 1mm
i resolution ratio: less than 4000 dpi
power supply: AC220V±10%
positioning accuracy: less than 0.05m
Hang line number: 90 lines
total power: less than 1250W
operating temperature: 0~45℃
Operating humidity: 5~95%(free of condensed water)
  • good for cutting leather

Applicable materials
Nonmetal materials such as Wood, paper, leather, fabrics, organic glass, epoxy resin, acrylic, wool, plastic, rubber, ceramic tile, crystal, jade, bamboo.

Applicable industries
This type of machine is applicable to the clothing, leather, cloth toy, computer embroidery cutting, cloth affixed and embroidered, models, handicraft, advertising decoration, package printing industry, etc

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