HZC-6040:laser cutting machine HZC-6040
laser cutting machine HZC-6040
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PRODUCT NAME:laser cutting machine HZC-6040
We adopted international advanced DSP control technology in our laser cutting machine which has two pioneering leading functions, continuous and fast curvilinear cutting and selecting the shortest processing path in optimization function, which has greatly improved the working efficiency. Full automatic light compensation for carving in order to ensure that different area has the same cutting effect. We use the cutting control software to achieve design as fast as possible and has a high-speed buffer function of the motion which have improved the production efficiency.

1.It can provide professional accessories for different processing occasions based on the processing materials, such as different bore diameters aluminum or honeycomb plate or different gaps of metal lattice column and soft material’s negative pressure adsorption device.

2.Automatic lift platform is designed for a special requirement of heavy material’s carving and cutting, users can carve on different heavy materials conveniently and quickly.

3.Rotating carving accessories are designed for clients because of irregular materials. No matter the material is round or partly round or plane, all can be carved.

laser power: 30-150W
processing area:600x400mm
cutting thickness: 0-25mm(depends on different materials)
graving speed: 0-64000(mm/min)
cutting speed:0-36000(mm/min)
Minimum forming words: Chinese characters 2 x 2mm, letters 1 x 1mm
resolution ratio: less than 4000 dpi
power supply: AC220V±10%
positioning accuracy: less than 0.05m
Hang line number: 90 lines
total power: less than 1250W
operating temperature: 0~45℃
Operating humidity: 5~95%(free of condensed water)

  • garment laser cutting machine

Suitable materials:
nonmetal materials such as rubber, plastic, organic glass, leather,tiles, crystal, bowlder, bamboo ware, woodwork, paper.

Applicable Industry:
This machine types is used in many professional industries such as packaging printing, model, clothing, electronics, leather, cloth toy, computer embroidery cutting, handicraft, advertisement, decoration and so on.

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