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HZC-14080 HZC-DH14080:laser cutting machine HZC-14080  HZC-DH14080
laser cutting machine HZC-14080  HZC-DH14080
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PRODUCT NAME:laser cutting machine HZC-14080  HZC-DH14080
MODEL:HZC-14080 HZC-DH14080
Fast curvilinear cutting function: any curves can be cut with a fast and continuous speed, the motion process of laser heads just like a top level speed racer’s racing aside a beautiful arc. Fully support CAD, CORELDRAlMGERBER and TAJIMA design software, friendly man-machine interface, close to the industries demands.

Laser Type : domestic seal CO2 laser tube

laser head, single laser head, double laser head

laser power: 80W

Cooling Method:  water-cooled

Automatic cutting computer system , internally installed

Cutting energy control , allow fine-tuning

cutting speed control, allow fine-tuning

air nozzle on the tangent, standard configuration

driven system,  step motor

cutting areas: 1400mm*800mm

graving speed: 0-64000(mm/min)

cutting speed: 0-36000(mm/min)

machine size(length, width, height): 2100mm*1320mm*1150mm

gross weight: 230kg  net weight: 200kg

max power supply: 220v/50-60HZ,10A

    Suitable materials:
    Wood, paper, leather, fabrics, organic glass, epoxy resin, acrylic, wool, plastic, rubber, tile, crystal, bowlder, bamoo ware and other non-metal materials

    Applicable industries:
    This type of machine is applicable to the clothing, leather, clothing toy, computer embroidery and clipping, model, handicrafts, advertising, decoration, package printing and other industries.

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