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HZC-160100 HZC-DH16010:laser cutting machine HZC-160100  HZC-DH160100
laser cutting machine HZC-160100  HZC-DH160100
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PRODUCT NAME:laser cutting machine HZC-160100  HZC-DH160100
MODEL:HZC-160100 HZC-DH16010
Use international advanced 32-bit high-speed DSP to form a controller, greatly improved performance, smooth s-type subtract bouquet control software design, quickly and smoothly action, cooperate with automatically light compensation technology to achieve the ideal effect for different cutting position.

cutting thickness: 0-25mm(depends on different materials)
graving speed: 0-64000(mm/min)
cutting speed: 0-36000(mm/min)
laser power 30-150W
processing area:1600x1000mm
Minimum forming words: 2 x 2mm for Chinese characters, 1 x 1mm for letters
resolution ratio: less than 4000 dpi
power supply: AC220±10% 、50HZ
positioning accuracy: less than 0.05m
Hang line number: 90 lines
total power: less than 1250W
operating temperature: 0~45℃
Operating humidity: 5~95%(free of condensed water)
overall dimension: 2200×1720×1170mm

  • good for cutting leather

Suitable materials:
clothing, leather, wool, organic glass, wood, plastic, rubber, tile, crystal, bowlder, bamoo ware.

Applicable industries:
This type of machine is applicable to the clothing, leather, clothing toy, computer embroidery and clipping, electronic appliances, model, handicrafts, advertising decoration, Building Decoration, package printing, paper products and other industries.

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