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HZE-14080:laser engraving machine HZE-14080
laser engraving machine HZE-14080
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PRODUCT NAME:laser engraving machine HZE-14080
Fast curvilinear cutting function: any curves can be cut with a fast and continuous speed, the motion process of laser heads just like a top level speed racer lining out a beautiful arc. Fully support CAD, CORELDRAlMGERBER and TAJIMA etc. design software, friendly man-machine interface, close to the industries demands.

Humanized operation platform, advanced DSP digital control technology, convenient USB data transmission, wide range of usable area, the purpose is to meet the demands of large format cutting processing and engraving. Motor system adopts linear guide and precision gears, rack gear, to ensure processing precision and speed, single or double laser heads are available. Based on customer’s needs, we use import linear system to make front and back feeding frame and other special devices.

Laser Type : seal CO2 laser tube made in china

Laser head: single laser head, double laser head

Laser power: 80W

Cooling Method:  water-cooled

Automatic cutting computer system: built-in

Cutting energy control: allow fine-tuning

Cutting speed control:  allow fine-tuning

Air nozzle on the tangent: standard configuration

Driven system: step motor

Cutting areas: 1400mm*800mm

Graving speed: 0-64000(mm/min)

Cutting speed: 0-36000(mm/min)

Machine size(length* width* height): 2100mm*1320mm*1150mm

Gross weight: 230kg 

Net weight: 200kg

Max power supply: 220v/50-60HZ,10A

    Suitable materials:
    Wood, paper, leather, fabrics, organic glass, epoxy resin, acrylic, wool, plastic, rubber, tile, crystal, bowlder, bamoo ware and other non-metal materials

    Applicable industries:

    This type of machine is applicable to the clothing, leather, clothing toy, computer embroidery and clipping, model, handicrafts, advertising, decoration, package printing and other industries.

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