design to engraving in mould and artificial with high accuracy。 the machine can reach to high accuracy in few micrometer to ensure laser engraving with precision effect.
This is special use for marking on wire /cable,marking on the cable quickly,it can marking 120meter /munite,it can mark logo,manufacture name,model,specification etc on the cable Like PVC、PU、PE、PP such material)、reticle,building material,sealing rubber,volume label.
laser marking is use high-energy density laser beam to partial irradiation on the workpiece surface,enable surface layer vaporization or color change rapidly ,cause expose deep substance,burn out some of parts area ,show image or logo. letters machine charactor: 1.adopt third germany made fiber laser.electro-optical conversion efficiency is 60%,excellent beam quality M2<1.4 2.excellent beam quality cause ultrahigh marking effective 3.adopt garmany made SCANLAB scan head。Mark speed,it faster than 4times to normal YAG and DP marking machine,help you save the high labour cost. 4.air cooling、not need consumer material、saving power,whole machine power just 500W。 5.maintance is simple
Belt automatic transmission, automatic blanking, high efficiency The whole system's function is stable ; low consumption Good beam quality, high stability of output laser, easy to adjust marking effects removed Technical parameters
Optical fiber laser marking machine applied the laser marking machine system that was researched and developed and manufactured by the most advanced laser technology in the world. Its processing speed is a traditional marking machine 2-3 times which is very fast. The function of marking software is powerful, is compatible Coreldraw, AutoCAD, Photoshop etc.
It is use new technology, a revolutionary new laser platform uniting with best design. It adopt the highly concentrated energy from a very parallel beam of light, focused to a microscopic spot, which is moved over the marking area to create a variety of images on a wide range of materials – it like a pen write on the paper. Can carved metal and a variety of non-metallic materials. Used in electronic components, hardware, tools, accessories, integrated circuit (IC), electrical appliances, mobile communications, precision instruments, eyeglasses and clocks, jewelry, auto parts, plastic buttons, construction material, PVC pipe, medical equipment and other industries.
We use the most advanced laser technology in the world to develop a new generation laser marking machine system called FM optical fiber laser marking machine. By using optical fiber laser output laser, scanning galvanometer system with high-speed to marking. Optical fiber laser marking machine has a high efficiency electromechanical light conversion which can reach above 20% (YAG for around 3%).
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