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HZSE-804:3D laser sub-surface laser engraver HZSE-804
3D laser sub-surface laser engraver HZSE-804
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PRODUCT NAME:3D laser sub-surface laser engraver HZSE-804
Characteristics A.Laser diode pump with 1000Hz air-cooling system B.3mins for a 3d portrait inside the 50x50x80mm crystal C. Used freindly software and mobile use(700x450x600mm ,weight82kgs) D. Lowest power consumption, low lifetime cost, low cost of ownership E. Used friendly software under Windows Xp require only short training F. Simple service through exchange of only one functional unit in a short time




Laser Medium  

Diode-pump Made in Italy  


Air  cooling  

Laser Frequency  


Maximum Engraving Speed  


Maximum Engraving Range  

300x300x100 mm (F-theta lens 100mm)  



Laser Wavelength  


Maximum Power of the Whole Machine  


Number of Laser Heads  


Pulse width  

< 5 ns  

Nominal Energy  

1 mJ (TEM)  


+/- 0.5% (pulse to pulse)  

diameter of a point  

20 um- 40 um  

Positioning accuracy  

< 10 um  

Sound level  

30 dB(A)  

Spare Part  


Continuous Working Time  

12 hrs  

Electrical Connection  


Weight of the Whole Machine  


Dimension of the Whole Machine  


Room temperature  


Engraving time  

50X50X80mm  3 mins  

30X20X15mm      60s  


  • 2012030400201557.rar

we can divide crystal industry into:

(1) 3D face
(2) 2D graphics & photos
(3) Customized engraving
as laser machine can be divided into yag series and diode series, you should choose different machine according to your business change and investment plan.
For different business chance, we give you different suggestions as below:
Ⅰ. Travel industry site
A very large amount of customers usually prefer 3D face crystal as a souvenir. They have no time to wait, and they want to get the product asap. Thus the high speed diode laser is highly recommended
Ⅱ. Shopping center
Local customers may call around the crystal shop when they are shopping.As good appearance of crystal is needed, facilities may be helpful to show the beauty of crystal, so that it can raise the interest of local customer. The customer can return to get the cycstal, so on spot production is not a must.However, higher speed laser machine can be more welcomed.
Ⅲ. Photo studio
Customers may have interest in engraving their picture into crystal when at photo studio. Most of photo studio are doing 2D photo business. 3D Portrait crystal can also be sale point or advertising effect. With a 3D Camera and Laser machine,photo studio can araise original 2D order and also develop 3D market.
Ⅳ. Gift/Award shop
Crystal can also be widely used as keychain, awards, customized gift and etc.Engraving range of the machine is important , as crystal award or gift may be in big size. Engraving machine with more laser heads may be more effective, as keychain or gifts may be produced in great amount.
Ⅴ. Chain store
As for the jewel chain store or gift chain store, crystal itself can also do chain store business. The crystal chain store can supply all range of product relevant to the crystal engraving, such as engraved key chains, awards and gifts
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