The Green laser sub-surface engraver is designed with the character of high quality and low cost, and it is specialized for fine sub-surface engraving. It adopts scanner and worktable linkage working mode. Its working efficiency is 3KHZ (max. 3000 points/sec) that is much higher than common model. The marking points are tiny and equal to form clear and decent graphic. The software supports DXF, ASC, BMP format and so on.
Characteristics A.Laser diode pump with 1000Hz air-cooling system B.3mins for a 3d portrait inside the 50x50x80mm crystal C. Used freindly software and mobile use(700x450x600mm ,weight82kgs) D. Lowest power consumption, low lifetime cost, low cost of ownership E. Used friendly software under Windows Xp require only short training F. Simple service through exchange of only one functional unit in a short time
HZE-803 is a rapid scanner laser subsurface engraving machine,it was adopts the advanced galvanometer scanner technology together with the 3Khz diode-pumped laser to greatly increase the engraving speed This model is excellent in small dimensions, low power consumption, good laser quality, high efficiency, easy maintenance
3D-camera is used for taking of three-dimensional pictures. High performance of the 3D face picture is required, which will be adjusted by the computer and engravied by our laser machine. As professional manufactor and long engraving experience of Subsurface Engraving, we highly recommend the top 3D-camera producted by Inspeck.
High speed and precision to engrave the glass,acrylic and other transparant material,it mostly used for making artware,gifts ,promotion etc. With high quality engraging function, use for engraging crystal products as precious gifts
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