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The application of laser welding machine in aerospac

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 The application of laser welding machine in aerospace products

At present, laser welding technology almost involves in every industry. In aerospace industry, especially for making construction for weaponry & aerospace craft, laser welding method could greatly reduce cost, improve production efficiency, lessen weight of weapon & aircraft, become a efficient supplement for traditional welding technology, and reveal some special advantage.
Features of laser welding:
As material processing heat source, the outstanding advantage of laser beam is unmatched to common light source. Compared with traditional welding methods, the advantage of laser welding as follows:
(1)Laser beam with high energy density, small welding spot and no inertness, thus it has fast heating & cooling speed, small heat affected zone and small thermal deformation, avoid temperature damage, suitable for welding thermal element, elastic element and high-precision parts.
(2)It could change light path via reflector(prisma) or optical fiber with good accessibility, could weld any inaccessible positions, also it could penetrate transparent material to fulfill welding.
(3)Work piece does not bear contact force when welding; no use of electrode, could weld insulating material, welding ferromagnetic material without magnetizing.
(4)with molten bath purification effect, could purify weld metal. Metal in welding point would melt along with a part of evaporation, since inpurity with higher absorption efficiency, first of all, inpurity would be evaporated and got rid, so it can reduce inpurity in the weld joint.
(5)Easy to combined with electric arc or electric resistance to fulfill hybrid welding.
Furthermore, laser welding machine has other advantage, such as low fixture cost, high controllability, easy to realize automation etc. laser welding does not produce X ray as electron beam welding does, does not be effected by electromagnetic field, in some fields, it could replace vacuum electron beam welding. New material & new structure of aerospace is growing ever stronger, the application of laser welding would become more and more important.
The application of laser welding machine in aerospace product
Along with the batch production of weaponry and aerospace craft and increasing product qualification, it presents higher requirements for product structural behavior, production technology and processing efficiency. Laser welding technology with superiority in high quality & efficiency processing fields, it become a kind of effected process means to solve some technical problems.
1.Pulse laser spot welding for thermo-sensitive material junk ring
thermo-sensitive material of spool fixed with 0.5mm width junk ring, after press fit to fulfill spot welding, its depth of fusion more than 1mm, electrode resistance can not do it in such narrow space to achieve 1mm of fusion depth, while electron beam welding with thermal inertia which would affect thermo-sensitive material. Pulse laser spot welding with no inertness beam, large depth-width rate, satisfy the requirement.
2.Cracking resistance padding spot welding on ferromagnetic material
Ektexine of combustor should pad cracking resistance alloy before electron beam welding to prevent welding flaw, furthermore, there cannot have magnetism disturbance. If adopts electrode resistance spot welding to weld ferro magnetic material, welding gun with work piece would form a current loop and cause welding material with magnetic field, serious disturb electron beam welding. Laser spot welding is non-contact, electrodeless, pure welding spot, high quality, so adopts laser spot welding is of benefit to follow-up electron beam welding.
3.laser welding for titanium alloy flight rudder & wing
Flight rudder & wing is a typical thinner & high stiffness T joint complex profiles titanium alloy structure, usually make up of rudder and skin, mainly titanium alloy material, exterior profiles is space curve profile, require high welding joint strength and fine welding appearance. As for welding flight rudder & wing, the point is welding point molten bath prevention and accurate control of welding line track(includes welding line centering and sequential control), so laser welding become the optimized technology because it is with flexibility, high energy density and easy to control etc. advantage.
    Redder & wing welding adopts computer programming to fulfill accurate adjustment for welding track and welding gun gesture, to fulfill coordinated motion control of welding process with part protection and ensure welding quality.
4.laser welding reinforced fillet for fuel tank to replace riveting
Usually, the joint of fillet with cover plate on rocket aluminium alloy fuel tank adopts riveting, it increase structure weight, furthermore, riveting parts is easy to be corroded. If adopts laser welding, the joint with high joint strength and good welding line quality, welding energy concentrated and easy to be accurate controlled, small welding distortion. Using laser welding technology instead of traditional riveting method could change structural design, greatly reduce structure weight, improve joint strength and corrosion resistance, increase production efficiency, reduce production cost.
Laser welding technology is a system engineering which integrate laser technology, welding technology, automatics, materials technology, mechanical manufacturing technology and product design etc., should integrate mechanism research, bonding technology, structural design, equipment manufacture, to fulfill whole function. Following the development of aerospace manufacture, laser welding has high energy density & deep penetration & high precision & strong adaptability etc. advantage, it gives full play to aerospace products with advanced, fast speed and flexible etc. process features, reduce product weight, improve welding quality. In 21 century, Laser welding technology would play a more and more important role in aerospace material field.
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